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CBA Loop 1.0.0 apk, update on 2017-03-29
Loop is the revolutionary new way to manage, spend, and save your money right from your phone. It’s the app where saving, investments, and loans can be done from the palm of your hand. With no branches or charges, Loop gives your money more power by rewarding you for what you spend.

Unbank yourself with the app that helps you take back your time, for banking that gives back to your life, and your money.

CBA Loop APK reviews

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Felix Nthigah review Felix Nthigah
I cannot activate the app since it does not read the activation sms..once I open the inbox to retrieve it taked me back to sign up and rejects the activation code sent earlier.
mauryne mwende review mauryne mwende
Am loving the pfm and goals wow paying bills its easier and app so far
Cynthia Otono review Cynthia Otono
Best Personal Financial Management tools...should install it like yesterday...?
Teresa Karanja Omari review Teresa Karanja Omari
Awesome, this is a game changer in digital banking. Highly recommended it.
Felix Ojalla review Felix Ojalla
If you haven't installed this app then you don't know what you're missing. Install this!!!
Kevin Ireri review Kevin Ireri
love the financial mgt. tools and the ux
James Mumo review James Mumo
Overall, this is a great entrant into the banking market. I can do all that I need to straight from my phone. I'm looking forward to see the lending part and ability to pay MPESA pay bills and tills straight from app. That would be the trifecta. Only complaint though, the charge when swiping at POS is high. 70bob per transaction is discouraging.
Bernard Mbire review Bernard Mbire
Most options are not active! Imagine my shock at chicken inn at midnight trying to pay using buy goods and it's not active!!!!!! I can't transfer money to a mobile account that is not active on Loop! Nkt!
John Waweru review John Waweru
The card should be posted by mail or delivered via courier. I'd pay for shipping. (2FA-esque tech can be used to activate the card before it's linked to an account for security purposes) The whole point is to never set foot in a physical banking institution again. Otherwise, very promising.
Simon Minjire review Simon Minjire
Great app and concept. For improvements, make it lighter for slow internet, lock my login​ id to my phone and allow for keying in password only.
You know what would have burst this into the stratosphere? Bringing Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay compatibility with the card. In that I don't even have to have my card with me to swipe, just use either method. And target the mellenials even more. Taking a good share of Mpesa in the process.